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Confederate flag

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They both have become a widely recognized symbol of the Southern United States. It is also known as the rebel flag, Dixie flag, and Southern cross and is often incorrectly referred to as the Stars and Bars. The actual "Stars and Bars" is the first national flag, which used an entirely different design. Modern display - Bonnie Blue Flag - Seal of the Confederate States. The display of flags used by and associated with the Confederate States of America (–) has continued, with a long interruption, into the present day, with the "Southern cross" used in the battle flag of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia gaining the most popular recognition as a modern symbol of The vernacular - Revival and controversy - Official usage in southern. 22 Jun Charleston shooting sparks calls for Confederate battle flag, widely associated with racism and hatred, to be taken down for good.

Vandalism, including a Confederate flag atop a building and dye in the fountain, was being investigated at Bullard High in Fresno, California on. The First Official Flag of the Confederacy. Although less well known than the " Confederate Battle Flags",the Stars and Bars was used as the official flag of the. i dont get how a lot of american can have pride for the #confederateflag, which is unamerican by the way! yet they have a problem with football players protesting.

19 Jun Given his research, which has touched frequently on the use of the Confederate flag, Guterl says that he finds it impossible to argue that it's a. 29 Apr Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC NC) took responsibility for a large Confederate Flag flying on U.S. highway 70 in. 17 May A Montana high school student has been disciplined for continuing to wear a Confederate flag sweatshirt after administrators requested that he. There is a common misperception that the Confederate battle flag (the "Southern Cross") was the national flag of the Confederacy. In reality, the flag we most. 4 Apr A performance artist at Amherst College on Thursday uses the threads of a confederate flag to draw attention to the United States' history of.

14 May The huge Confederate battle flag went up on the private property of Robert Hall, Jr. a few weeks ago. It is 20 by 20 feet, and waves from a The first official Confederate National Flag was based on the U.S. flag. It had a large red bar at the top and one at the bottom, with a broad white bar between. 30 Apr Another confederate flag was erected over the weekend in central North Carolina . Redneck Nation the #1 source for Confederate Flags in the world and are of the highest quality and are proudly produced in America.


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