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connective tissue found under the skin and surrounding many deeper organs, including skeletal muscles and bones. Fascia just under the skin (the hypodermis ). Locomotion. ▫. 2. Vasoconstriction and vasodilatation- constriction and dilation of blood vessel Walls are the results of smooth muscle contraction. ▫. 3. Peristalsis. There are over 1, muscles in your body. 2. Skeletal, or voluntary, muscles are the muscles you can control. 3. Ligaments connect muscles to bones. 4.

II. CLASSIFICATION OF MUSCLE: TYPES. A. Striated: Skeletal. 1. Typical skeletal muscle: attached to bone; move axial and appendicular skeleton. 2. Visceral. PDF production by Subtext Communications. For information on ordering Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy is designed for pro- fessionals who work. 11/8/ 1. Muscles of the Upper Limb. Pectoralis minor. ORIGIN: anterior surface of ribs 3 – 5. INSERTION: coracoid process. (scapula). Muscles Stabilizing.

Identify the major muscles associated with the main joints of the human body and Distinguish between the three types of skeletal muscle fibre in the body and. BUCCINATOR - A: (Action) Compresses cheek against teeth and gums; directs food between molars; retracts cheek from teeth when mouth is closing to prevent . MUSCLES OF THE BACK. Complex but divisible into 3 groups (in layers) with different functions: A. SUPERFICIAL LAYER - move upper extremity. (arm). Muscles of Upper Extremity. Pectoralis Major. Medial half of clavicle, front of sternum, costal cartilage. Crest of greater tubercle (Lateral lip of bicipital groove). Whole-Muscle Contraction. Control of Muscle Tension. Control of Shortening Velocity. Muscle Adaptation to Exercise. Lever Action of Muscles and Bones.

How muscles contract - The Sliding Filament Theory. A muscle contains many muscle fibers. A muscle fiber is a series of fused cells. Each fiber contains a. Your neck muscles are amazing. They are responsible for head movement, stabilizing the upper region of the body, assisting in swallowing, helping to elevate. Actions: • Extension of the hip. • External rotation of the hip. • Upper fibers - assist in abduction. • Lower fibers - assist in adduction. Gluteus Maximus. Muscle and Muscle Tissue. Functions. Through contractions, muscles perform four functions. Movement or motion - Skeletal muscles provide movements.


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